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February 21, 2006


Lee May

The sudden outpouring of sympathy for Shi Tao is to me bewildering. All the web news that I have read has pointed out that he had leaked state secrets and is thus a national security risk. And he was imprisoned.

Then, there is an attack on Yahoo for disclosing his information.

I wonder, if it is known that Terrorist organizations are using Yahoo emails to exchange and coordinate terrorist activities, and the Deparment of Homeland Security request Yahoo email to release information that would lead them to arrest of such terrorists, should Yahoo comply?

I hope that the answer from such supporters is NO. Yahoo should not comply with government request irregardless of who the enemy is.

I am saying this, because the people who criticize Yahoo should not practice double standards. It would be double standard to criticize Yahoo for releasing information that would lead to the arrest of someone considered to be a national security risk for China, but to say it would be OK for Yahoo to do so if the enemy is Al-Qaeda, a national security risk for USA.

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