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February 22, 2006


Armtwisting India to force it vote against Iran on nuclear issue. Is this democracy. Americans dont believe in democracy themselves.

This is hypocrisy.

I understand that the author of the great blog beijing or bust was picked up by chinese authorities a week ago or so, likely due to his documentary work on underground churches and as part of the annual pre-NPC sweep. there is a rumor that you are aware of this and have been asking journalists not to report this information, as you are working with rep chris smith to stir up the us religious right to launch a frontal assault on the chinese government. can you please comment on this rumor, and if true, can you explain how you, as a former professional journalist, believe it is now ok to manipulate both the news as well as stir up a us response? could you also explain why you think this is the best way to get this guy released?

Rebecca MacKinnon

Greetings. Five points:

1. I am not working with Smith or anybody else in Congress on anything right now.
2. I am acting as his family has requested, as any efforts that would go against their wishes will be counterproductive at this very delicate stage.
3. Some things are being done, I can't go into details.
4. The priority is to do what is best for the physical situation of the person concerned.
5. I hate the whole nasty situation.

Other than that I really can't comment further without violating the family's wishes. I hope that we will have news soon.


a honest chinese guy

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