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February 10, 2006


a reader

Which blogging service should I use in China?

TM Lutas

I think that it would be a useful exercise to identify the censors. In the US, such orders (very rare, usually to keep troop movements in war secret) are individually signed and you know what organization is doing the censoring, what's the individual who made the call, and the law under which you are being censored. Would it be too much trouble to put the equivalent information on the PRC takedown orders?

In the US Kelo decision, which confirmed the right to take property (eminent domain) under relatively expansive definitions of public use, there is great outrage against the decision. One of the ways that the outrage is being expressed is by applying the exact same doctrine against one of the majority judges' personal residence. Resistence to seizing the SC justice's house by local officials seems mainly based on the principle that even someone who erodes private property doesn't deserve to have his private property taken away from him. They have too high a regard for private property to favor such measures.

Identifying, shaming, and engaging in legal watchdogging would seem to be a legitimate way to strike back, even in the PRC. But Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, et al would first have to lift the veil of secrecy that these decisions currently benefit from.

Want to freak a censor? Publish his name, position, the name of his superior, and instructions on how to file an appeal of the decision.

Drown them in paper, threaten their careers by filing appeal after appeal, become a perfectly legal annoyance. The censorship system always depends on training the subjects of the system to conform. Destroying the system can be done in the same way.


I have updated
that the Our World blogger is moving along again. He always had a Wordpress blog (not accessible from China) but he is now adding a bloglines blog.

No time to feel miserable. There are several hundred more blog service providers to choose from.


lots of msn blogs were block,and
my blog was blocked too.i think it was because cited the public letter of protest that written by Li Datong, the editors of China Youth Daily newspaper.

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