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February 12, 2006



I hope you weren't guilty of stereotyping and simply walked into a room and because you saw a predominance of European looking folk that none of them could be from oppressed countries?

Are you also assuming that folks from these countries aren't reading blogs?


Can you expand a bit on the "dangers and unintended consequences" of the systems under discussion? Or point us toward material that would serve as a primer on these issues?

That is, I hope you get your wish and the Identity Gang expands to include minds who will be cognizant of these issues, but not all of us technologists are going to have representatives from Amnesty International looking over our shoulders as we work at the drawing board.

Scott Brison

You own your digital identity on Ziki and if you don’t want to be a part of our test, there’s no problem
We have members which are suffering of those digital identity hacks. You own your digital identity on Google by blogging but do you own your identity on the whole Google network ?
We’ll put a checkbox at login page to allow the participation on a free trial of the digital identity offer.


You have hit the nail on the head about the privacy and security issues schilled under the guise of vendor agnostic identity storage.
In the vaccum of international legislations, the peer governance technology will be beholden to Hu Jintao Inc. within a year of its implementation.
And by the way, technologically, the proposal merely changes the management of user info like credit card account and pseudonyms from user to a third (and surely not a non-profit) party.

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