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February 15, 2006



this morning the both the hearing and overflow rooms were full.... can anyone there tell me if it's thinning out now? i would love to catch the end of the hearing. thanks!

Alfred Thompson

Given Lantos' position against the second amendment he is one of the last people in Congress who should be preaching on civil rights. After he starts fighting for (rather than against) the rights of Americans he can start fighting for the rights of others. What a hypocrite!


This is a really important discussion. However, reading the remarks of Rep. Chris Smith and Rep. Tom Lantos I can see that these guys know bullocks about China. It is unfortunate that they are the ones leading the discussion.

Rep. Chris Smith said, "I hope this hearing might be the beginning of a different sort of dialogue – a discussion on how American high-tech firms can partner with the U.S. government and human rights activists to bring down the Great Firewall of China."

As if that is going to happen. China's Great Wall has stood for over 2000 years with no foreigners knocking it down and the Great Firewall is not going to be any different.

Currently there is a home-brewed backlash against the harsh censorship in China. This backlash could be stomped out very quickly should the proponents of harsh censorship in China be given the chance to strengthen their stance by pointing out that if China were to loosen restrictions on censorship China could be seen as bowing to pressure from the US Congress.


I think this is overblown political grandstanding. Critics are using this issue for their own aggrandizement - politicians and activist. If the US believes China is abusing human rights the government should deal with it. Where in the consitiution does it say that us businesses are responsible for foreign policy?

anonymous again

There is a human rights problem in China. But it's disgustingly hypocritical when politicians and activists demand someone else refrain from doing business with China when they go ahead, business as usual, and support the corrupt regime with every "Made in China" purchase they make. Do the congressmen own stock in companies that manufacture and assemble goods in China? These companies pay unfaily low wages and are built on property unfairly taken from farmers. Do YOU, readers, buy goods made in China? You are supporting this "corrupt oppressive" regime.

Why is the blogosphere up in arms about this situation? Because it's something they can write about to fill "column inches", to get people to click on their blogs and rise in the food chain and for some to sell advertising. The blogosphere has the same 24 hour news cycle pressure to generate words that the msm has, and this is easy pickings. The indignation is sanctimonius self-delusion.


Have to be approved to appear on this weblog? Looks like censorship to me!!

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