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February 09, 2006



Very interesting stuff, but also a bit confused. (Full disclosure, I work at Yahoo but do not set policy there or control our international strategy- especially at separate companies like Yahoo HK)

First, you make a false choice. You note that such companies should not store sensitive information in the country. In many cases, storing data outside the country is NOT an option. These are the restrictions of China, and they really do mean that we are left with the choice of storing data in-country (or in a way accessible to China) or not working there. PERIOD. Now many people have made the comment that Yahoo shouldn't operate there at all, and I think it is a fair criticism but I also think the same people under-estimate the benefit that these services provide to the populace, even if there is more risk.

Second, people need to keep in mind that when data is handed over to authorities, the exact reason is rarely understood- even in the United States. The data could be used to convict sex offenders just as much as to convict dissidents. This again is a price of working in the country.


rebecca,my msn blog(http://spaces.msn.com/nickwongwangning/)has been blocked last night,I've mailed the screen capture to eswn(see his blog: http://www.zonaeuropa.com/200602.brief.htm#026).I guess because of CDT? but never know.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks for the heads-up Wang Ning. Really sorry to hear your blog has been blocked.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Wang Ning, did MSN contact you that they were going to censor your blog? They have claimed in recent statements that they would do that.


no,they never contact me. when I signed in at 7 am,last night.the blog was ok,I even checked the statistic of the blog,but just 10 plus minutes after,it didn't work and showed that fobidden information.
I change to another blog.thank your attention.


yahoo is just following orders--where have I heard that defense and justification before? Yahoo's shameless


Not one of you have suggested
how to obtain Li Zhi's release.

Shame on you!

Shall we coordinate things?


PS- email me @ [email protected]



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