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March 29, 2006



"In all cases, people reported that outside attention seemed to have resulted in better or at least more careful treatment of them physically, as compared to other prisoners whose cases were unknown to the outside world."

Torturers never work as efficiently in the light. There are certainly occasions when publicity is less valuable. But most of the time it is the one thing we can bring.


"She took him to the hospital for a checkup in the morning and they found liver problems he hasn't had before.

Hu said he was unbroken by the experience, which he said included a month-long hunger-protest, roughing up, and sleepless nights."

Now that is a piece of silver lining. Had he not been arrested, Hu would not have gone to the hospital and he wouldn't have found out that he has been having liver problems all along. It is unlikely that this liver problem resulted from the 45 day detention. So this new diagnosis could save his life in the long run.

A hunger protest will lead one to sleepless night because of stomach discomfort. So it looks like many of the pain was self inflicted.

I am surprised that he has received very mild treatment. In the United States, you could have left with a black eye and face as in the case of Zhao Yan:


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