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March 14, 2006



The US Justice department has subpoenaed Google to hand over search records. It appears Google will go to court of law to resolve this.

One must asked, why has the more civilized society of the Western world not suggested to Chinese bloggers to bring their cases to the court of law?

China has a legal system to resolve such grievances.

The answer can be glimpse in the quote:

"Jeremy has also pointed out recently that some media are going perhaps a bit overboard about the political implications of blogs in China....... Blogs are not going to bring down the CCP,"

The purpose of these Western reports is for the purposes of giving China a "bad press" in hopes that the long term effect would be to "bring down the CCP".

To challenge China's censorship in China's Supreme people's court would be to give more legitimacy to the CCP. This would not serve their agenda.

As a result, they prefer to print stories to give a bad press than to take concrete and meaningful steps to resolve the issue in the court of law.

China Blogger

What does Rebecca have to say about the hoax? Does she think Western journalists overreact? Some would like to know...

Rebecca MacKinnon

China Blogger, I wrote about it in the previous post actually.

bobby fletcher

Can you blame them? Good news and balanced reporting about China doesn't pay the bill, government is on your back about sustaining certain images of "evil communist China" so America can have an enemy just in case we need a facist rally call.

It's sad being part of this "industrial-military-media-complex", I guess.

Case in point, just read on USA Today that Wen Jiabao only hold one press conference a year.

Well, I went on baidu.com and did a quick search, and it appears Wen held press conference not only at the end of the NPC thing, he also talked to reporters before he left for Europe and South Asia visits (not to mention all the press conference he gave during the EU.)

Hu also made some appearances during his home provincial people's congress meeting.

That's anywhere between 4-7 press confernces and it's only March. Nice job on the fact checking, USA Today.


Bobby, You are so right about the press conferences given by Wen! What a load of crap they print in USAToday! This is a complete smear campaign by USAToday and irresponsible journalism.

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