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March 30, 2006



To prevent jail time, bloggers and dissidents should be very well aware of the law and limitations of their rights.

I was thinking about starting my own blog and read the "handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents" that is linked from this page. It is quite dissapointing because the handbook appear to be written for "fanatics" or "extremists" or "suicide bombers".

There is nothing in it to inform would be bloggers to respect the law, or to educate them on the limitations of free speech. Instead, hints are given to them on how to blog anonymously.

It reminds me of the training of kamikaze pilots. There are definitely those who wish to blog and yet, wants to do so within the limits allowed by the law.

In the 1920s, Gitlow a socialist published articles to incite Americans to overthrow their government by force to transform America into a Communist State. He was arrested and in his defense he argued that because his publication did not result in any action, and it was his freedom of press right to publish those articles. The US Supreme Court still found him guilty.

Today, many of those dissidents arrested in China are our modern day Gitlows. They clearly violated the law when they wrote articles to incite people to overthrow the government, yet they think it was their freedom of speech/press.

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