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March 13, 2006



Here are links to the massage milk blog that was reported as being shut down by the Chinese government by the Western media.

It fits my own observation. The Western media never told me Freezing Point was a reliable source of China news until after the government shut it down. It proves that they are on a smear campaign on China.

Wang Xiaofeng had been annoyed that he was constantly misquoted by foreign media.

"Every time they interviewed me, they tried to steer the questions towards political topics, in which I have no interest. Even if I made no mention of anything political, the articles would come out as if I were an activist," he said.

"Most of the foreign reporters are not readers of my blog, and the few snippets they read in translation are usually out of context so they appear to be political," he added.


Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks for pointing out that link. The egg is definitely on some journalists' faces with this one.

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