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April 05, 2006


Grant Callaghan

The media are doing the best they can from the situation they are in. When things don't go right, it is a tradition in most governments to blame the media for their failures. This is common to just about every government in the world today. That is why many governments try to shut down the media or control it. It's also why shutting down the media often makes the problems worse rather than fixing them.

Iraq is in the midst of a civil war between religious groups who want to control the country. The Americans and their allies can do little to avert or control this situation. The best thing the Americans can do is get out of there and let history take its course. We couldn't stop or take control of the civil war in Vietnam and we won't be able to do it in Iraq, either.

The Iraqis are fighting for control of their lives and their country. The American forces are just trying to survive long enough to come home. We have no real interest in their country. Everyone involved is talking about when America will leave and let the Iraqis run their own country. Since we can't prevent a civil war without choosing one side or the other, the sooner we get out, the better.


The media is not doing their best.

They did not do their best pre-Iraq war.

After the way, only then they began to question.

The problem is the media had failed to educate the American people on the true nature of the war. It subscribed to the Gahmen's theory:

"US Gahmen said we attack Iraq because:
1) Saddam Hussein failed to comply with UN weapons inspection team to allow unfettered access time and again

But I clearly remembered the real situation. Ritter who at one time was a UN Inspector had been passing information from his inspections to the CIA. Iraq had been complaining about the UN leaking information to the CIA as a reason for Iraq to suspend weapons inspections. Later, Ritter admitted to leakign information about Iraq's weapons program to the CIA after he quit the UN; validating Iraq's claims.

Another reason for Iraq to suspend weapons inspection was that the UN provided no time table for completion of inspections. It appears that inspections would go on indefinitely.

Both of these reasons of the suspension of weapons inspection from the Iraqis side were completely ignored by the Western media during pre-war Iraq.

But Iraq is an American mistake. The tide against the war has made it impossible for America to reap the spoils of this war. It must now try to salvage its BATTERED image.

As a result, the American Gahmen has no choice but to leave now.

My predictions:
Iraq will become a vibrant democracy. The most popular political party in Iraq will be one that is pro-Islam like Hamas in the Palestine. Unless, America succeeds in installing a puppet government, otherwise, a revolution through legal means or illegal means should sweep Iraq like those that happened in Iran in the 1980s. Western interest in the Middle East will be further diminished as a result of the Iraq war and democracy.

bobby fletcher

Hi, MF. I saw your post on the Sujiatun concentration camp bit. Glad to see the sane blogs aren't jumping on this pile of hooey...

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