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April 14, 2006



Hello Rebecca McKinnon.
Just ran into your blog, don't even know how. But your post from Taiwan struck me, (am just across the South China Sea from where you are, in the Philippine Archipelago). The challenge of the Asian blogospheres also has to do with the fact that they are really many different, uhmm, lingospheres -- which span the spectrum of human experience, from the continental Chinese to the island universes of south east asia...in what must be the remnants of the Tower of Babel after it came crashing down. Seems like the week for conferences. In manila, thai, burmese, chinese, philppine, indonesian and malaysian bloggers are meeting too. Good luck. Bon Voyage.
Philippine Commentary

Michael Turton

Huh? Five million blogs? Out of 23 million Taiwanese So every fifth Taiwanese has a blog?

That's absurd. Unless every Taiwan blogger has at least 10 blogs.

A more realistic number is probably about one-tenth that figure. Do you have good numbers?


Rebecca MacKinnon

Michael I was going off what some of the local blog hosting people told me but I will check my notes - going from Chinese to English it's possible to misplace decimal points and get one's numbers of zeros wrong.



Nice article. You're right, and we have very little ping service, if any, here.

Interesting enough, I came across to your blog and articles when I was searching if any ping servers offered in this country.

It's sad to know that we always have something similar but only half way to those should be completed.

Have a pleasant stay.

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