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April 20, 2006



Wow, I can't believe it! A country that would indefinitely detain people without charges, interrogate them harshly, deny them access to counsel and refuse them a hearing before an unbiased court? I'm so glad I live in America where we'd never think of doing such a thing to a human being.


Btw, any explanations for why Communist party members came up tops in popularity in Hong Kong? The rankings:

1) Wen Jia Bao
2) Zhu RongJi
3) Hu JinTao
6) Ma Ying jiu
10) Chen Siu Bian

Looks to me that the elections held in China in 2003 where Communist party swept a undisputed victory to control the legislature is legitimate. Even in Hong Kong where they tolerate a greater diversity of presses, the communist party members still came up favourites.


Here's the link to the survey results:


Does any anti-China organization planing to try to control the Hong Kong people's opinion to swing the opposite?

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