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April 19, 2006



Do we truly have freedom and do we truly feel free ? from what i gather freedom of expression is an outlet of working people to tell how they feel about what they need , how their country is run and how the people they elect try to voice or find resolution to their problem .Today freedom is circumvented by a chosen few who fill the bellies of the common man with lies and not food so as to look after his own. Do they care , No ! They simply say you were stuoid and I'm intelligent. Where I come from we have a good education system that turn us into machine that do and not think where the people have religious and social segregation that make so busy hating one and other to see the real truth. They are foolish and poor because they luck just ran out and many who voiced their concern were sent to prison but many politician fought not for the people but themselves. Here there is not community spirit but spirit of greed and souls of glutton where people care not care not one and other .A country divide always faces extinction soon .
My belief a country is built for the people and by the people not ant other way.
There must be change in thinking and unity of mankind must pervail. if not soon a state of anatchy will commence that no amout of water may extinguise . People of this land may god help for you definetely can't

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