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April 12, 2006



I'm surprised to find so many voluntary propagandist free-of-charge for the Chinese Communist Party in Europe and America. It's a typical symptom of subornation. Most merchants and scholars in the world were bought off. :) And those very few honest reporters, scholars are banned from reaching China and blacklisted by the CCP, as "海外极少数一小撮亡我之心不死的反华分子 a tiny group of anti-china members whose desire to exterminate us (in fact "us" = CCP, but cheated to be "China") never dies out). They were punished both economically and politically.

Recently in April 2nd, a series hype report were on show in CNN, about the "economic boost" of China. I didn't get the chance to watch it so I can't comment on it. But the advertisement of this series report was on CNN long time before the show. You can see how zealous they are. :) It must be considered as a selling point.

Though I seldom saw negative reports on China in CNN or BBC, and in fact, few reports on China affairs, which shows that the western people are much less concerned about what's really happening in China than domestic, or in the middle east. Nevertheless, people in China were still told by the CCP propaganda that the western media like BBC and CNN are always "anti-China". Their websites were now and then banned from access in China. :)

The western media is in another historical repetition of "搬起石头砸自己的脚 taking up a stone only to drop on one's one feet", which was a famous saying that the CCP always used with pleasure to insult the western people when they tried to intervene the CCP's crimes. :)


Frustration! Frustration! Frustration! :) that's the sound of that article. HA! HA!

China doesn't hide that corruption is a serious problem. According to Chief Justice Xiao Yang, he has arrested more than 80000 corrupt government officials.


BBC does print a lot of negative stories on China. I do not consider it to be a reliable source, and that is coming from someone who have not read a single CPC party propaganda nor have I ever stepped foot into mainland China(I have only been to HK and Taiwan), so my conclusion can be considered an independent observation.

But here's where I have in common with many Westerners. I disagree with censorship.

Its a personal experience. In Malaysia, we used to ban foriegn publications that were considered "subversive" by the government. As a result, for some peculiar reasons, the ban resulted in us giving banned foreign media more credibility in their news integrity. Since the mid 90s, the government no longer bans foreign media like the way they once did. After we read what they wrote about us, they lost all credibility. The height came during the Anwar protests where nearly every article about the protests were exaggerated and used as an opportunity to smear Dr. Mahathir.

I suspect the same will happen in China. Once more Chinese get to see BBC and the fiction they write, they will no longer tune in. But then, BBC will make money whether they print fiction or news.

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