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April 22, 2006



Chinese internet users do not need foreign media to tell them that google.cn is censored. Quote:

"Google has been put under the microscope for its efforts to woo Internet users in China, which included introducing a censored version of its service in compliance with Chinese laws."

From: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/bizchina/2006-04/21/content_573226.htm


Whats wrong w/Google Yahoo Microsoft & Cisco? Mr. Smith. 瀏覽18|回應0|推薦0

2006/04/20 09:59:19

To: Representative Christopher H. Smith, Republican of New Jersey.

"Clean up your back yard before you Criticizes Neighbours Falling leaves."
Dear Mr. Smith,

When I read today's news February 15,2006 by reporter TOM ZELLER Jr.
Quote "House Member criticizes Internet Co., for Practices in China."

I am very much bothered by the above news. It looks that your intension in this issue is just try to steal the spot light regardless the real issue.

The companies like Cisco Google Microsoft and Yahoo are trying to observe the law legislated by local Chinese party and executed by the government in China. "sickening collaboration with Chinese government and for decapitating the voice of the...." quoting your words, they are simply trying to observe the local law. What you are trying to do is encouraging companies disobey what they are required to do. America is governed by the rules of law and no one is above the law and no one is under the law. Yet, being an American citizen living in California, I personally witness the government were to abuse the power and put the law into their own hand. The same is truth that I have been following the law but no other choice by doing what DHS requires me to do. The DHS case in its own nature is worse than violating the basic human right. What you emphasized is personal freedom of expression in the Internet blogging and has not constituted the hardship of actual living. All government official including you are paid with tax money and should help those companies in need for further development and expansion. Your personal endeavor in criticizing those companies to disregard their duty to observe the local law is stepping out of line. That constitutes the interference into the severity of a foreign country.

Take Muir Lodge for example. If ML failed in submiting copies of guests registration card staying in the motel, DHS would shut down motel operation. The same apply to those big 4 companies. Should they dare to refuse taking the order from government in China, they might face consequencies to close down their business. Why you have double standard to judge same things confronting the two different countries?

You better clean your own backyard before criticize other people’s practice of obeying the law in the foreign countries.

As for my case, I had to follow California law and in the mean time filed protest to Governor of California for an answer. I welcome you to review my articles with letter to the governor of California in my blog. I have enough evidence of e-mails correspondence with DHS concerned.

John Stormm

I'm an old man with a long memory. I remember being cajoled into fighting a war in South East Asia to uphold American standards and to fight Godless Communists from taking over. What I learned over there was a completely different matter. Even after that I learned that those teaming millions of "Godless Communists" weren't the only ones marching to false information and propoganda. With CIA secret prisons, our regime's resistance to any caps on what kinds of torture is reasonable to apply... this is something no American of my age would ever invision of ourselves. I remember traveling when being an American made you a welcomed guest. Try that with our current opinions of our global neighbors. My son is in the military, trying to propogate democracy to people with bullets and hard feelings. Is anyone besides me surprised that it is not working well and we are not welcomed with open arms? There are human rights being violated in every corner of the globe (We have seen the enemy, and some of them are US!) But we'll lie, cheat and deceive to get at more oil. Exxon, Mobile and Haliburton are represented well in our government. You or I can't afford to by a good congressman after paying our taxes. Our economony is getting stronger and stronger, says GWB... but I'm one of hundreds of thousands whose jobs went to foriegn lands like China and Mexico for cheaper labor and next to no EPA standards which save BILLIONS of dollars that get pocketed by the super rich (represented in government) and not the dissapated middle class or poor, who are NOT represented by this government but suffer its decisions, lack of decisions and then fed patriotic epithets and God Bless America while our phones are tapped, our jobs destroyed, our homes broken up with financial problems, our health insurance too high to afford and yet buy simple groceries, soldiers being giveen the glad hand for patriotism and then treated as financial deadbeats after they paid the price with life or limb... this list goes on an awful lot further to be sure. But what I REALLY want to say is that I am looking at this Chinese Firewall and I see a way of propogating democracy and free thought WITHOUT bullets and hard feelings. I see the possibility of a grassroots American movement that could force our government to return to American values rather than profiteering by talking crap out of both sides of their face. Peace doesn't come from bullets, but by honest communication of ideas and ideals. Saying one thing publicly and dirty dealing under the radar does no good thing for anyone's public image. My factory was rebuilt in China and another in Mexico. Here, the company would try to cut costs by little leaks or accidents of toxic waste. The fines, in many cases were cheaper than the waste treatment. The average of cancerous tumors in my city have been reported at SIX TIMES the national average. What hope do those poorly paid peons overseas have when even minimal protection is not available to them? What agency can they appeal to for the safety of their families from these poisons? China is the only other world power besides us, and we are making them rich. Not the Chinese people so much as their government who are destroying water, land and air and better equipping a 200 million man standing army even better than ever. We are run by fools who do not care for the legacy they leave as much as the finances they can accrue in office. Laws? There are so many. The only law that stands for every American in our time is: A man is innocent until proven broke. This White House does not represent me or mine. They got my taxes and gave me only grief and disrespect as a human being and a veteran. I love my country and the things I've been raised to recognise in my flag and I say some have lost their way promoting their own agenda for profit. We can change that. We can INSIST. I'm not talking about a violent overthrow or revolution, but an unshirking return to old American values in our free speech and our love of freedom (before they take it ALL away... it IS eroding). I saw the Berlin Wall come down. I want to dismantle another one and allow free thinking Chinese people to have all the information they could possibly want to make educated decisions with. Promote ideas and ideals without bullets and bombs and weeping families. It's not as if it's never been done before.


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