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April 18, 2006



Hi Rebecca. I'm not a lawyer, I'm a journalist. It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing your keynote address.


I was there among the nameless faces at today's iblog 2. iwanted to approach you for an interview but hesitated you seemed busy enough. i was delighted to listen to the talk you gave and it has really hit home, how the 21st century will be set apart as one like no other, by this networking and communications revolution. a "tv personality-turned-blogger" who decided to converse with the world rather than talk at it... gives me fresh vision of this onrushing future. hey, thanks...

Janette Toral

Thank you so much for supporting iBlog2 and hope you'll visit the Philippines again next year.

Daphne Haour-Hidalgo

Tagalog is a beautiful and romantic language, but unfortunately has a limited vocabulary. Foreigners who learn the language speak it better than most Filipinos. Filipinos speak Tagalog colloquially, whereas foreigners speak it eloquently in its formal and literary form.

Tagalog is the language of the capital and is one of the eight major languages in the country (there are between 100 to 150 indigenous languages and dialects in the Philippines). But Tagalog is not the language spoken by the majority of Filipinos; only 23% of the population are native Tagalog speakers.

The Tagalogs are a part of the population, and the language, culture, and customs of this segment do not speak for the entire nation. We alienate other linguistic groups by choosing this indigenous language, only because it is the language of the capital.


Thank you for your inspiration. I must confess I express myself better in English than in my native languages like Tagalog and Cebuano. But almost all Filipinos understand English. Our problem is connectivity. There are still many areas that have no internet service. But the large overseas Filipino communities all over the world where internet is available are our market too. Best wishes.

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