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June 16, 2006


Fons Tuinstra

I'm not sure whether these scores really mean anything. Last month Dutch blogs took the number of Google-hits as an indication for the online popularity of journalists. I checked my own name and scored more than a million hits, suggesting I would be the second most popular journalist in the Netherlands: something I would consider to be rather overstated. I have rechecked then every week, and my popularity went up to 1.8 million. Since then it started to go down, to less than 400,000 now. No clue how it works, but I would be very careful in using these figures.

bobby fletcher

Just to note a while back when rconversation, simonworld, sun-bin were discussing Taishi, I found plenty of info on Baidu and Yahoo.cn:





On Slashdot, recently, they discussed how China is lobbying for what I see amounts to their political model as a WIFI protocol.

It won't happen, and unfortunately for them, both kinds of IP, internet procotol, and intellectual property, have been able to transcend larger walls.

Business and governments both rely on people, so... will the customer always be right? Or no? Which customer? The User, or the Government? Or is Yahoo actually China's customer?

How exactly does China expect this market to work? It's beyond belief.


I laughed out loud when I read this posting. Still can't get over the Tianment incident can't you?

I have seen that PBS documentary on the incident and there was no massaccre. The eyewitness accounts by those reporters were completely false and did not agree with the video footages. The guy said they shot the ambulance, but video clearly showed it was an auto accident and crowds weren't running away so there was no shot fired.

Chris Langdon

Google, Yahoo and MSN censor
their ads in America. I was not allowed to advertise my websites,
www.ncjusticefraud.com, and www.chinaisevil.com on Googol, Yahoo or MSN. Googol retaliated against me by de-listing my NC site altogether, while MSN consistently ranked it highly (#8-#14), when doing an appropariate search If you go to my China site and click on the page named "Googlegag" you can read all the lurid details...It has been reported in the Sydney Morning herald that Sergey Brin has admitted that Google's decision re Chinese censorship was a mistake. If so, why doesn't Google allow my ads?
Sincerely, Chris Langdon, in the Google Archipelago

bobby fletcher

Chris, I checked out your site, and IMHO Google et al are correct to not touch your site with a 10 foot pole.

China is no more, or less evil than America. I mean are they dropping depleted uranium dirty bombs like we are? Are they proliferating nuclear weapon like what we are doing with India?


I agree. I checked out the site and it'sonly one page going over how the Chinese have killed millions (the US infamously doesn't keep track of how many Iraqis it kills)using Mao and events 50+ years ago as if they are relevant today. I'm sympathetic to criticism of the CCP which I loathe, but to do so in a lazy way (boycott the US because the Republican Party in power today enslaved blacks as national policy) reminds me of Lennon's warning that if you just go around using "pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow."


Actually, to write things like " I have no evidence that Red China is supporting the rebels, but it is highly probable, almost certain, that they are" without any evidence to attack a government is highly offensive; to do so to an individual would get you sued. To argue that it is probable that a capitalist (I would argue fascist) CCP would help create instability along its borders to aid rebels simply because they call themselves 'Maoist' is ludicrous.

chris langdon

Dear Commie Lovers,
All governments are evil, it's just that China's is much more evil than others. Bobby Fletcher should realize that China still reveres Mao, even though he killed between 40 to 70 million people. Even the Russians had enough sense to condemn Stalin. Why would China stir up trouble on its border? It's been doing just that ever since the Communists took over, by invading Korea, Tibet, India and Vietnam.
Also, China keeps the North Korean government afloat, helping them build nuclear weapons while a million N. Koreans have starved to death. What about that Bobby Fletcher? Why do so called "liberals" like to make excuses for murderers, simply because they kill in the name of
equality for the masses?

Chris Langdon

ffxiv gil

What about that Bobby Fletcher? Why do so called "liberals" like to make excuses for murderers, simply because they kill in the name of
equality for the masses?

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