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June 28, 2006



Seems like the "slipped it in at the last minute" comment in the Caijing piece is a good way to xiatai gracefully, and I wouldn't doubt that Hu Shuli, skilled as she is, included that quote to make sure there was some face-saving formula for this bill to get quashed. Can't imagine this will actually see the light of day. Woe if it does!


I don't know how this draft constitution came about in the first place. Must be some experiment. It will never fly in the NPC as it clearly violates the constitution.

However, to give benefit of the doubt, the legislators who proposed this may be proposing it to prevent rumours from spreading. As we know, many news papers in China print rumours. Perhaps a strictly enforced legislation that punishes news media for unsubstantiated reporting is better here to tackle such issues than a direct control on the media. That is instead of actively policing, let the media practice responsible journalism and if they fail to practice responsible journalism, fine them or punish them.


Don't they already have laws that make it treason to report on certain issues.. oh wait, that is in America (Bush vs the New york Times)

China Law Blog

China's media clampdown law is still in the proposal stage and the way things work in China, the longer it stays in that stage, and the more it is talked about, the less likely it is to be enacted. The silver lining in all of this is that this proposed law is increasing Chinese of the need for greater press freedom. If this law ends up not being enacted (and I think that is a real possibility) its proposal and subsequent failure will end up being a good thing for freedom of the press in China.

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