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July 11, 2006



also thanks to you!


thanks rebecca, thanks bloggers, thanks grassroots power

bobby fletcher

Please, you people blogged about this to death and nothing happened.

I gave Nina some honest advise urging her to recognize China's legal system and play ball three weeks ago, and now he's out.

Go read Nina's 6/10 blog, and my assessment of the situation. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two.



Very good advice that you gave Nina there. I read it. It makes the most sense. Wu Hao is not the big fish and the authorities simply needed him to get to the big fish.

Christianity is certainly not illegal in China as long as they follow the teaching of the Bible. Catholics for example does not follow the bible. You can see statues of virgin mary which is a mortal, immortalized. And who made the "pope" the authoritarian leader of cristianity? If China allows Roman Catholics into China, then it should also allow the Branch Davidians.



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