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July 04, 2006



I discover this blog, I discover the Fortune Brainstorm conference, I discover Rebecca, thanks to a guy name Roland's great blog, and also Danwei, and a few other great blogs, I knew about Marry Mecker's free report and Morgan Stanley (in 80 I had an interpreter at Wuda who was a former red guard rather idealistic, 10 years latter I met him in a dark suit in the street in Hong Kong he gave me a Morgan Stanley business card, just like in another Disney fairy tail), I knew also about Time mag being banned for a few years -just because of a snapshot of clownish mouse frightening shamefully senile elephants; always spoiled brats stories happening on this bloody square, in front of an anchronistic mummy; not worth so much fuss-, I knew a lot about print media in fact, not internet; I think I was a businessman in a previous life, I knew also of course about all these censorship issues discussed at Harvard and in some blogs, and about these idealistic foreign journalists, I helped in fact foreign media conglomerates in the print media for years to lose millions in the PRC hoping for a better ROI one day and bribe here and there in back alleys of the PCC, I really like some comments above, in particular about the person who was pissed off by the noise next door and by the difficulties to write in English (just like me), I may be an idealist (I am a bit of a poet somewhere despite having played the part of a dirty businessman and engineer for years), as one said above, you have to be selfish, I don't care about PRC prisons and cops because if you don't have a Chinese face and a PRC passport you are relatively safe (could even raise my ranking on Google), what really pisses me off in Beijing is pure selfish business problems, just like the wet noises at night next door ; it is to have my emails blocked both ways, and access to international sites blocked or being soooo sloooowww, so Beijing is definitively not the place to run anything international on Internet, and this, dear Mary, is truly a risk and doesn't deserve a good rating in terms of investments indeed and it won't change any time soon apparently; you never know if the Internet international pipes in Beijing are just out-of-date or rotten, or if it is just happening in the brains of the cops looking after you; so yes guys, you can play with Internet and Chinese simplified characters within your big local cage, and get increasingly horny is looking at all these girls on more or less official sites (amazing what you can find these days !) and masturbate with Muzimei type of blogs, but you won't connect to the world (well, Japan or Korea are just the same, who knows about Japanese or Korean blogs and great Internet achievements), so the Chinese Internet will just remain stucked with Shanghai or Shenzhen stocks type of rating as long as it is not able to better connect easily and freely to the rest of the world, and I, and many other investors, will just put their efforts, money and foot in Internet from somewhere else, just as any other selfish investor... Yes, early communist are always idealists, just like those damn journalist but truly good totalitarian Orwellian comrades (read heartless businessmen), if they want good ROIs, ratings and rate cards, have to learn with Bush or Chirac or Don Berlusconi or Don Putin or their friend Rupert how to subtly manipulate media and fuck the masses for a profit, not how to block everything and everybody childishly like any 3rd world banana republic; it seems really and surrealistically out-of-date today in our great New-10%growth-ultra-modern shiny PRC...

bobby fletcher

R, I can see why some see you as slightly biased.

I mean when you talk about peasants evicted from their land, do you also take a look at the pesants who went to court and won land rights cases in China?


124 families receives RMB$31,887,300 after 8 years of litigation seeking compensation for lost land.


I think two sentences in Huang's blog about your speech can be more accurately translated -- 1) But idealistic foreigners never have as good of an impression of China as foreigners with selfish motives do. 2) Rebecca spoke for a long time, and I think most of her speech was the kind of content that would need to be "purified."

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks SJ, yes that makes sense. I'll update the translation accordingly.



I've come to know of you via occasional visits to your blog and admire your willingness to work so hard to be fair, even second-guess yourself, and to present both sides.

But in your idealistic drive to improve China's Internet you seem to be stepping beyond your range, and come across as almost aggressive.

My instinct is not to pat you on the back, but rather to hope you take a deep breath, find some peace, and slow down a bit.

This is just an honest initial reaction to a few of your posts, and I think you wouldn't expect anything less from us as readers.


Personally I would have to say that Rebecca's attitude is the right one. She actually cares about the Chinese that don't have a voice. It's very easy for people that are "alright Jack" to blather on about how China "isn't all that bad", when they don't suffer.

Who are the strongest defenders of the status quo? Middle/upper-class Chinese (plus some foreigners) that are making big money, while the peasants and poor are still down-trodden. It's as if the Communists had never come to China and the Imperial Monarchy was stil going strong. It's just that today the Emperor is Hu Jintao, the Chief Eunach is Wen Jiabao, the Imperial family the Communist Politburo and the Mandarins the Communist Party. Oh, and the nobility are the new middle/upper classes.

Bobby, there are peasants who have been evicted and didn't even have to go to court for compensation. They got a new apartment and everything. But then, SHOCK-HORROR, the money disappears on expenses and they end up with nothing. Why? Because the older ones can't do any jobs other than farming.

So you get these guys with new accomodation that are forced to rummage through bins for things they can recycle.

Well that's another well thought out policy from Beijing....

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