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August 03, 2006



Wonderful! Congratulations on the move Rebecca. We've always known that "your heart is in China..."


Congratulations! If I recall correctly, Lamma Island is the birth place of Chow Yuen Fatt, the star of Shanghai Beach. Lo on pan! dang! de-dang! Lo an lau..dang! de-dang!


hand made track back:

as for your accommodation, you can also consider Aberdeen. it is near the sideside (southern part of hk island), and near hku and city center. from Aberdeen, there are ferries to southern part of lammar where you can enjoy a peaceful weekend with cleaner beaches.

the weekend in northern lammar (where most people stay, ferry to central) is too crowded and touristic. beach is also a bit dirty...

Jay Rosen

Rebecca: That is such cool news. It's a perfect perch for you. And they were smart to go after ya. Best of luck.


Congratulations. That's a great faculty to join. Welcome back to the time zone.


Hi, I am a journalism student in the University of Hong Kong. Great to have you in our center:P

Recently, we are planning to set up a blog for JMSC. It would be nice if we can have your advice.

PLUS, actor Chow Yuen Fat was really born on Lamma. HaHa.. and he is going to act as a pirate who kind of ruled the coast of SE China in real history in the upcoming "Pirate 3"

Sorry for my randomness. But I believe many of us would like to talk to you before January 2007. Can we set up a causal meeting in late August???

Rebecca MacKinnon

Hi Brandy, great to meet you! I'd be happy to help out with your blog. Unfortunately I'm in the Hong Kong airport right now on my way out... I won't actually be moving to Hong Kong till January. But I'd love to talk to you guys. Please send me an email with your Skype and IM handles and we can at least communicate that way. Sorry I couldn't announce this earlier but we had to wait till the contract came through.

Oh and by the way, yes I heard something about Chow Yun Fat being born on Lamma. I've been a fan of his for a long time so that's definitely a point in Lamma's favor!!


It is great to hear this news. Expecting another meetup in Asia.

Andrew Nachison

Rebecca, this is wonderful news, congratulations.


Congrats and good luck, Rebecca!

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