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August 03, 2006


alice b.

Congratulations! Sounds very exciting.

richard sambrook

Congratulations Rebecca - a great gig! Have fun...


Welcome to Hong Kong, Rebecca. For finding a place to live in Hong Kong, maybe you can find some places near HKU first before choosing whether to live in Lamma. You will be surprised there are in fact many great places to live in Hong Kong. Sai Kung, Kum Tin ...

By the time you arrived in Hong Kong, I hope the freedom of speech in Hong Kong have not dipped further to yet another low level, from the current already very low level. As you might know, Beijing has just nominated former Hong Kong government official Dr. Margaret Chan to be the Chief of World Health Organization. Hong Kong people, in general, disapprove her handling of the SARS. But now only a few local media dare to mention the disapproval. (Maybe that's why I am reading more blogs now than newspapers)

Alice Poon

Hi Rebecca. I learned about you from Roland Soong, the famous EastSouthWestNorth blogger, and I'm glad you will be in Hong Kong to guide journalism students. As for a place to live, have you visited Discovery Bay, which is about 15 minutes by speedboat from Central District. The apartment rent there should be reasonable and the place is close to nature.

Amanda Muir

Congratulations Rebecca!


Many congratulations, Rebecca. Looking forward to this next phase of your work.

Alice Poon

Rebecca, I forgot to mention that there is a newly launched pan-Asian news website: http://www.asiasentinel.com which is set up by a group of media veterans including former Standard managing editor John Berthelsen and former Far Eastern Economic Review Editor Philip Bowring. It promises to be a good online source of in-depth stories on Asian current affairs.


The jurnalism teaching position from HKU is practically made for you! I am gald you are moving back to china, congratulations!

Those future reporters and journalists in HKU must be very excited to hear you coming. They are lucky to have one of the the best minds to teach them the trade.


Great news, Rebecca! I recommend Pokfulam living for you... great views and easy access to both sides of the island. Hi to the JMSC crowd, and don't forget to tell them to join the University Channel!

Quick Silver

Welcome to Hong Kong.

An important and un-reported aspect of our media scene is that the Hong Kong branch of the Chinese Communist Party remains underground. It has ignored the legal requirement to register and all the media scrupulously avoid any reference to it.

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