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August 06, 2006




1. Hong Kong Economic Journal is a broadsheet newspaper, not a magazine.

2. Rumour has it that Richard Li is going to buy shares in HKEJ personally. Richard Li happens to control PCCW, a Hong Kong-listed telecom corporation. In any case, Richard Li is going to sell his stake in PCCW.

3. To describe Richard Li having "cozy ties" with Beijing is not necessarily accurate. Richard's father Li Ka-shing is always on good terms with Beijing. Yet Richard and China's Netcom has had a major and open dispute in relation to PCCW (strategic assets to the Party). Is Richard Li really that red?

Hi Rebecca,

3 background info about the "HK blogger" issue:

1 "To describe Richard Li having "cozy ties" with Beijing is not necessarily accurate" - yes, not all HK businessmen are "red".

2.HKEJ (Hong Kong Economic Journa)disclosed a mistatement made by Richard Li several years ago.(I can't remember the details. I hope you can get it from soneome.)

2. A link to Cheuk Yu, FONG's blog. Fong's column was next to Kong Shaolin's column. Their column ended at the same day.


I hope someone can translate the article for you. Its about the takeover of HKEJ and the responses of its readers. The amount of responses to this topic in his blog is another point that should be noted - Given HK people is a bit passive in general(except anything in terms of $), in my opinion.

This is the 1st time I make a comment in someone's blog. It is because you will teach in HKU. I think our community need a "channel"(newspapers, radio etc) that won't bent to the government, landords, tycoons. This is especially vital after the takeover of HKEJ.

Thank you.

Madison Guy

Once again a major magazine -- The New Yorker -- analyzes the blogosphere and falls on its face when all they needed to do, really, was some reading."Amateur Hour." (Yes, the "authoritative" MSM journalists are doing such a great job. Not.)

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks LfC and the anonymous commenter for your corrections and clarifications. I have made a correction in the text above and referred people to look at your comments. Thanks for dropping by. I'm a newcomer to the specifics of the Hong Kong media scene, and obviously still have a lot to learn. I'm glad to know that there are lots of willing teachers! I really look forward to engaging in some great conversations with people in Hong Kong about the future of journalism.

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