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September 02, 2006



Hi, Rebecca. I'm meeting with Jerry Paffendorf, who's running the Democracy Island experiment in SL, next week and I'll ask him if he knows of any plans for chat in other languages

Oliver Day

A friend of mine is a community manager (specializaing in education no less) at Linden and I will point him towards this post. He should be able to find out if Chinese capable versions are available. From recent memory I recall Japanese is already available so I can't imagine why Chinese wouldn't be.

Miao Heying


Interesting paper.

I'm a newB in SL. Presently, I can't use IME to type in chinese, but I'm using copy-paste functions to chat and IM in chinese characters; it works well. I just wanted to let you know.

Miao Heying (SL resident)

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