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October 19, 2006



There is another court case on freedom of speech and that is Gitlow vs New York. I came to the same conclusion many years ago, that freedom of thought was more important than freedom of speech. I was actually influenced by a speech by Dr. Mahathir in Singapore at that time.

Today, more and more Americans are becoming anti-war. Ask them why and they probably say, Bush lied to me.

They should also reflect, how did they allow themselves to be lied upon? Why were they learning about the Iraq situation only from their own media? Why didn't they ask tough questions prior to the war?
Very few people were asking tough questions then. Anybody who questioned the connection between Saddam and Al-Qaeda prior to the war would probbably be labelled as unpatriotic and not rallying behind their president or a terrorist sympathatizer.

It shows that a soceity that has freedom of speech will still make mistakes, unless its people first have the freedom of thought.

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