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October 22, 2006



World democracy is still far away from reality.

The American people gave support without question(aka rally behind the president and don't ask too many questions) to their President over the Iraq war(they have a tendency to do this whenever the US government is involved in international spat), yet as far as they are concern the Iraq war is an abstract war. The majority of the people have yet to have a machine gun fly across their heads or bombs dropped on their property.

That decision to go to war has caused at least 30,000 Iraqi deaths according to Bush's own estimate and could go as high as 400,000 according to another study. Yet today, more Americans seem troubled by the 3,000 deaths on American soldiers than they are about the 400,000 Iraqi deaths.

Is the Iraqi war a violation of Iraqi human rights? They never got a chance to have their say on whether they wanted the Americans to invade their country. The justification for failure to find WMD may not be a big deal for Americans but I am sure it is a big deal to the Iraqi people who have lost loved ones in the war.

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