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October 12, 2006



Great. Now we can have more English speaking Chinese contribute to wikipedia and offer their alternate views to the rest of the world.

My only grunt with Wikipedia is that it tells not necessary the truth but the perception of those who have the time to edit it. I once tried to clarify that Communist China is a democracy and explained that elections are held every 5 years, and anyone can run for office as an independent(this is a fact , guaranteed by the constitution of China, and held in 2003 and will be held again in 2008 and important enough to warrant an entry) but some guy from Scotland kept removing my entry until I finally gave up trying. You can see from the latest wikipedia entry on PRC that there is still no mention of universal suffrage in the PRC. The Chinese government banning wikipedia does not help in my cause.

Now that is is uncensored, maybe I can try to enter my entry on universal suffrage in PRC again, and if that Scottish man remove my entry, perhaps, my comrade in Hang Zhou or some other place can chip in and put my entry back on my behalf.

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