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October 10, 2006



Have you tried Aidan Foster-Carter? Or maybe some sort of tie in with Asia Times Online


Just a thought.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks Graham. I've been in touch with AFC - he is only able to contribute to projects that pay, and since NKzone has no funding he is unable to help. ATO is an interesting idea but I haven't had any luck with media orgs in the past on this - seems like a think tank or academic institution that studies N.Korea is more likely. But we'll see. Again, part of my problem is that finding a home for NKzone probably takes a lot of time, time which in the past has not paid off which is why I gave up. I am completely up to my eyeballs with other stuff, without enough time to meet all my other commitments as it is.

Brad Howard

I just now saw this post while searching for NK Zone, which I had bookmarked but haven't been able to find recently.

I would be happy to host the site for you if you still need it. I am tremendously interested in the DPRK, and have time to devote to the project.

Michael Rank

Hello Brad, If you are seriously interested in reviving NKZ please email me:
rank (at) mailbox dot co dot uk
I was a regular contributor until it crashed a couple of years ago.

Michael Rank


I could sure use NKZone right now!
I'm a China specialist who didn't follow North Korea much until the Current TV reporters got in trouble at the Tumen River border area.
Now I'm scrambling to find intelligent people who have blogs with daily updates on North Korea.
So far I have identified "One Free Korea" and "ROK Drop" as smart daily blogs with informed discourse on North Korea topics.
Has NKZone reincarnated somewhere under a different name?

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