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November 02, 2006



"A senior executive for Microsoft has said the firm could pull out of non-democratic countries such as China."

Non-Democratic countries like China????

Long before I had internet access, I always thought that India was the world's largest democracy and that Communism was the direct opposite of Democracy.

Thanks to the internet and some free thinking, after some serious thought, I have come to conclude that it is China that is the world's largest democracy - a government that is by the people and elections held every 5 years.

And after reading some articles on Marxism that would have been banned in Malaysia, but is freely available on the internet, I realize that Democracy is part of Communism. I finally understood why Communist countries have the word "Democratic People's Republic of BLAH", or name places with words like "Liberation Street" or "People's Square" and why the idea attracted great minds such as Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer.

In fact, if you think hard enough, you'll come to realize that America isn't quite a democracy (you'll have to not consider the election season and focus on what lawmakers actually do on a day to day basis outside of election season to reach this conclusion).

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