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November 29, 2006



I found international herald tribune to be a terrible source for balanced news. Good to see that they are fuming mad that the propagandists are failing to hijack Chinese wikipedia.

Everybody in China knows that Mao did not kill 50 million people. If we can blame him, then we can also blame all past Presidents of the US in the past 30 years for killing 1 million Americans every year. 1 million Americans die each year from heart or heart related diseases and what is the government doing about it? Its been going on for more than a decade now.

I also said this before, if Mao can be blamed for the famine, then Queen Elizabeth must have killed my grandfather. Because when Queen Elizabeth was ruler of the British Empire, it controlled Malaysia. But instead of giving all of us colonial subjects good health care, build state of the art hospitals etc. etc., we got all the inferior stuff. My grandfather as a result did not get any healthcare from the British Empire and he died early therefore the British Empire killed him because if there was a good hospital, he would have been saved.

I can blame the Queen more: My parents didn't get a good education because they were so poor and had to quit elementary school, why? Because of the British Empire, in particular Queen Elizabeth. If she gave my grandparents social security payments, then my parents wouldn't have to quit school. In fact, not one of my uncles or aunts graduted from high school, all had to quit early to make a living. All British Empire and Queen Elizabeths's fault. We became your subjects, how come you treated us so bad?

Just as I do not blame the British Empire or Queen Elizabeth for all the hardship, the Chinese don't blame Mao. Afterall, there was no "intent" to kill. Hitler "intended" to kill the Jews. But Queen Elizabeth or Mao had no "intent". Their policies did not bring us complete luxurious lives. That is all.

Its funny to see how they are blaming the refusal of the Chinese people to buy into the propagandist theory that Mao killed 50 million as a result of Chinese sanitization of its education system. They are always looking for ways to rationalize it in a way to make the Chinese people dumb.

Many of the Western references on Mao are totally useless. They are mostly written by a couple of scholars who went to the library and read some books and paraphrased them into a compilation. The information they get have been 2nd sourced or 3rd sourced. They had no idea if what they are reading is balanced or biased. They just quote it in their books because it was printed in an earlier book. Many had not even met Mao in person yet they claim to be writing his biography.

Remember Tianamen? The Western media used to tell us thousands of people died on the square as tanks crushed the students then later we found out it was all distorted and the actual number was actually closer to several hundreds and the square itself was evcuated peacefully - exactly what the Chinese government had said earlier?


I didn't grow up in China and wasn't there when Mao was ruler, so let me ask the Chinese people who may be reading this:

If you are Chinese, how did Mao killed your relatives during the great leap forward?

Let's see how many responses we will get then we'll know if Mao really did kill 50 million people. I have asked the Chinese people I know the same question and none could tell me which of their relatives were murdered by Mao. Maybe the internet will help me reach a wider audience.

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