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December 06, 2006


Matteo Mohorovicich

Interesting matter, especially when you talk about apathy as something to ease the spreading of online censorship. Personally I agree, but even aknowledge Western companies are accountable for the Internet blocking or filtering in China. As you suggest, a proficient and beyond ideology public opionion is needed to face such issues.

Michael Turton

Interesting....here in Taiwan, where a Chinese society has gone a long way down the free speech path, foreigners often claim the level of critical thinking is low.

I don't think the problem lies in free speech and critical thinking, but rather in the habit of deference to large institutions and corporate authority that continues even after the ending speech limits, and also, the lack of a robust cultural template for free speech heroism. "Free speech" often represents a loss of face in Chinese culture that all find intolerable -- so not only is there less of what westerners see as critical thinking, but there is less direct expression of opinion even in private conversation. Personally I think cultural habits of giving and receiving personal expression, and their cultural frameworks, are more critical than "apathy" (which is a symptom or consequence and not a driver of behavior). Chinese, essentially, are already in the habit of censoring themselves out of long-established habits of deference to authority.


Charles Liu

So what kept all you "Free Hao Wu" crowd from blogging about America's own Hao Wu, Josh Wolf?

And folks like me are sitting at home, not kowing about Josh Wolf because media is silent and you people are not blogging about him.

What gives?

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