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January 08, 2007


GZ Expat

Welcome (back) to Asia...and southern China.


I missed the "deadline" for handing in the messages (poor/nonexistent internet connection).

However, I hope it is not too late to say: "BON VOYAGE REBECCA"! :)


Welcome to Hong Kong! I hope you adjust more quickly to the temperatures than I did, not that it should be difficult being on the beautiful HKU campus. :)

I don't know of any late night eateries in the Pokfulam/Kennedy Town area, but I'll direct those who do to this thread. If you're ever Kowloon-side at night, though, I have a list a mile long of good late night eats.


Back in Asia.... ach... a wee bit jealous. Dunno about noodles, but if it's cha xiu bao you're after this may help:


All the best for HK, will be in touch if I'm passing through.

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