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February 19, 2007


China Law Blog

This is a GREAT project and Steve Dickinson from my blog will be signing up, as soon as he lands somewhere. Here's the big question though, what should one do if one sees a tranaslation problem? I did a post a week or so ago based on a NYTimes article (in English) on a politburo member's speech and two of our readers noted they read the speech very differently from the Times. Steve then translated the speech and agreed it pretty much did say the exact opposite of that claimed by the Times and so we ran a new post.

Unfortunately, things like this can happen all the time and makes me think maybe a little bit of duplication would not be such a bad thing.

How will this be handled?


China Law Blog, question already posted on wikispaces.


You may also be interested in the Chinese equivalent of the OSTB you've mentioned above:


I'm sure there's more out there. I note also that the Chinese sites can also do with a systematic coordination approach......

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