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February 28, 2007



I guess that answers the question asked by everyone: Is Hong Kong an International city?


Stephanie Chin

I think your observation is objective. I don't think this is an editorial pressure. This is a lack of self confidence to take risk, to be independent, to have a brain of your own. And after all, if the news is not original, it is called "olds" :) -- this is a worse kind of pressure you give yourself as a journalist.

Don't worry about your Mandarin, most of the people understand. If you need a Cantonese/English/Mandarin simultaneous interpeter to run around next time let me know.
(Sorry about this time, I am engaged tomorrow)

China Law Blog

So do the HK journalists alert their friends at other publications as to where they are going? If not, how is it that they manage to run in packs?

Rebecca MacKinnon

You'll have to ask a Hong Kong journalists how it happens, all I know is what I have observed with my own eyes. I also frequently observed members of the pack standing round comparing notes about what got said after a press conference or group interview. I guess we can ask people why and how this happens during the panel tomorrow - or if people think I was hallucinating.

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