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March 14, 2007



You wrote: "This is exactly why Google and Microsoft have opted not to offer e-mail services hosting user data inside the PRC. Despite the fact that Gmail would work a lot better for Chinese users if they did so, and Google would probably be making more money in China in the short run if they did so. They have made a decision that the potential human costs - and the costs to their company's reputation - are not worth it."

Fascinating. But why is it that we can learn this information very concisely and clearly through you, but not through Google or Microsoft, who seem to be very shy about talking about their choices?

Rebecca MacKinnon

Actually both Google and Microsoft both said as much in their congressional testimony last year. They just don't say it quite so bluntly in public statements because they don't want to be quoted saying anything that could be construed as criticizing the Chinese government directly.

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