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March 22, 2007



"The gatekeepers of mainstream media have decided that there is no news value to their readers/viewers. There is no right or wrong about that kind of decision because it is a judgment call..."

Wha?..."no right or wrong?" Since when are "judgement calls", especially those made by HK's mainstream media gatekeepers, beyond right or wrong?

This pretty well sums up much of the apathy in Hong Kong and why everyone should read Roland Soong's "comments" with a few boxes of salt.

There's plenty in HK that needs to be questioned and yes, condemned...people who know better need to get off the fence and stop peddling this type of tripe.

The fact is people do believe it's newsworthy and the mainstream press in HK has been actively engaged in filtering (aka "censoring") for far too long. Yes, it's a judgement and yes it's wrong.

And sadly, I'll bet Ms. MacKinnon won't post this comment...

Rebecca MacKinnon

Thanks for your comment. For the record I approve all comments except for spam, porn-promotion, and personal insults containing no substantive comment.

I have to moderate comments in order to avoid being accused of promoting Asian porn. I can't win can I?

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