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April 19, 2007



No can't be. I still think the killer is a Chinese.

Well, Korean or Chinese, they are all Asians. So its an Asian shooter.

I'm just very surprised that he spoke English very well and puzzled. If he had hated rich people, why didn't he do his killings at Wall Street or something? Why pick Virginia Tech where not all the students are rich?

I do not think this has any significant thing to do with his race nevertheless. For if that is so, then wouldn't a significant portion of American school shooters be children of recent immigrants? Why weren't the Columbine shooters Chinese or Koreans? Why were they typical white middle class Americans? There is I believe a fundamental problem with American schools or children which the media isn't reporting.

Also, it isn't just the etnicity of the killer that the media got wrong. The media also initially got wrong the motive behind the killings. Initially, the media reported that the motive was due to a disgruntled Cho Seung-Hui who just broke up with his girlfriend. This is incorrect. What happened was that the police thought that the original killer was the girl's boyfriend, but that boyfriend isn't Cho.


JESUS PEOPLE... It was a mistake!
What are you going on about?
Do you want her head, or what?
Honestly, we have ALL made mistakes, or mis-spoke at some point in life!
It's all been cleared up & you got the real story! GET OVER IT!

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