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April 15, 2007


Beijing Loafer

Take good care of yourself. Remember - Health is the capital for any revolution (身体是革命的本钱)!


Btw, how easy is it to get the name "Rebecca MacKinnon" into the 2008 Presidential ballot?

So far I am only reading about a handful of candidates for this job: Obama, Hilary, Mccain, Guilini.

Do not tell me that for the world's most prestigious job that there is only less than 10 Americans interested in it. That BS.

If "Rebecca MacKinnon" does not want to be listed as a 2008 Presidential hopeful, then let's get one of the American bloggers to do it. Failure to get any grassroot candidates into the 2008 Presidential race would be a sign that the political market in the US is monopolized by certain groups and that it is time to reevaluate if America indeed qualifies as a democracy.


An important American document once claimed that "all men are created equal". Yet racial discrimination was in existence in America for nearly 2 centuries.

In the same manner, some documents claim that America is a democracy. But it is really a democracy?

So, given that there are so many causes you are fighting for, why don't you run for the Presidential election next year? You will then be able to use your position as the President of the US to force some things you want to see happen in this world.

In fact, I want to challenge every American who is reading this to submit their name for next year's Presidential election and prove to me that America is indeed a democracy where there is freedom to run for political office. Otherwise, I am thinking that perhaps the phrase "America is a democracy" is just a colourful phrase which does not reflect reality, similar to how America believed that "all men are created equal" yet practiced racial discrimination for nearly 2 centuries.

Rebecca MacKinnon

MF you never cease to amuse and entertain.


Welcome back. Let me let you into the secret of academic life: there's never enough time for the writing projects - unfortunately. Get well soon.

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