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April 25, 2007



" SEC Says Yahoo Shareholders Must Vote on Anti-censorship Resolution"

Since America is a democracy, why doesn't those people who are anti-censorship run for the 2008 Presidential election themselves. Then they can make anti-censorship a law of the land.

Its weird. I have been told America is a democracy. Yet all I have been reading in the news about the 2008 US Presidential election is a race between Republican and Democrat candidates. Seems like in America you must be either a Republican or Democrat to run for President. Not everyone can run. If you try to put your name on the Presidential Ballot, it probably would not even appear on the ballot paper. So it must not be a democracy but a system monopolized by 2 political parties.

If I am not mistaken, even the decision on who is to be the Democrat Presidential candidate is decided upon using PUBLIC MONEY on ballot papers financed with PUBLIC money on a Public financed premise (eg. a high school). A person would walk into a government high school and cast his ballot on who he thinks should be the Democrat Presidential candidate.

Its very weird, because in most other democracies, political parties have to pay for their own internal party elections. They have to print their own ballot papers to conduct their own elections.

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