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April 05, 2007



Google does manipulate search results.

For example, when you search google while logged in to your gmail account, your search results will be different from someone who is not logged in to gmail.

Website owners must also take responsibility by not "manipulating" google crawlers. A lot of website owners are forming "networks" where the website owners of the network put links to each other's website, thus raising their "google score" ensuring a greater chance of being ranked higher in google's searches. They make it easy so those who are in their "clique" would put up a link that points to the same website knowing full well that doing so would raise their page rankings.

An entire industry dedicated to helping websites achieve high page rankings have spawned up, called "Search Engine Optimization or SEO".

The issue of website owners manipulating their websites to obtain higher search rankings must be addressed simultaneously with government manipulation of web search engines. If website owners can manipulate search engines, why can't governments? Do governments not have the same rights?

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