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April 20, 2007


Charles Liu

The Chinese text cited above, both 5 and 6 stated Yahoo HK "confirmed", "substantiated" the Yahoo accounts belongs to Yahoo China.

It says Yahoo HK responed to queries about these accounts. Neither 5 or 6 say Yahoo HK revealed these accounts.

Reasonable reading should lead to the conclusion these accounts were discovered on Wang's computer when the articles implicated were found(3) AND the yahoo account that sent them(4).

And I hope WOHRUSA will let us know when they plan to sue Blackwater on behalf of the Abu Garhaib and Guantanamo torture victims.

While Yahoo had no choice regarding China's law of the land, Blackwater gladly took money and actually tortured people.

So at a minimum those who believe the Chinese case is "the worst" require some introspection, IMHO.

Bob Walther, Beijing China

This lawsuit made the news this morning on CNN here, I think. You see the story started with a shot of Yahoo's HQ, and then went dark.

No free expression here folks.

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