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April 19, 2007


Monique Beadle

Thanks for the write up. See our blog - http://humanrightsusa.blogspot.com for more on the lawsuit against Yahoo! and to view documents filed in the case.


"attack the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and advocate a multiparty political system, separation of powers, and general elections."

There is more to this story that I think meets the eye. Because if he were indeed punished for his belief as listed above then everyone is China would be guilty.

The constitution provides for protection of people who wish to criticize the govermnent: "Article 41. Citizens of the People's Republic of China have the right to criticize and make suggestions to any state organ or functionary. "

China is already multiparty, with CCP on mainland and KMT on Taiwan . If he spends more time on reunification efforts, his dream would come true faster.

General elections? China holds general elections every 5 years. Last I read, beijing just held theirs a couple of months ago. So many people took part in it, the list of candidates went on for pages after pages illustrating freedom to run for political office in China.

Charles Liu

Hey, I just heard the Chinese courts are accepting lawsuits by people jailed in Abu Gahraib and Guantanamo, whom were tortured by Blackwater security contractors supervised by US government.


This article, and the other one on the recent court ruling, were excellent! You provided very clear information, amid all the bi-partisan slob being hurled about. My opinion of Yahoo's ethics is somewhere just above that of Dick Cheney's (who has none). I'm glad to see people exposing this media giant for the repressive, right-wing shill that it is!

Charles Liu

There is some semblence of justice in this world:


ACLU has decided to step up and sue Boeing for complacency in the torture flights.

Don't know the detail, but this is a great example for your class to compare and contrast, R.

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