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April 02, 2007



Ya, I don't know if it's really fair to compare how much 2.0 stuff is produced by the 7 million in Hong Kong versus the 1.3 billion in China.

And most web 2.0 biggies in China seem to be clones of western ones anyway. (More on that here.)


Took me a while to find my way here, but yeah, I concur with Tom that it's just plain wrong to say Hong Kong has no open source community to speak of.

(Disclaimer: I work at Sun Wah, and am also a Debian Developer. So I am biased ;)

But quite a few of us who were quite active a few years ago have since kept our heads down due to political infighting ... while others have simply been away from Hong Kong due to the perception that the opportunities now lie across the border especially since the last dot-com bust and SARS.

Really a sad state of affairs, but one that we (or at least ones that have the energy left) really want to correct.


Hong Kong is small compared with Taiwan and Mainland.

Hong Kong has 7 million people while Taiwan 23 m. and Mainland China 1.3 Billion.

Hong Kong is just a small part of Mainland China.

Very different scale of economy.


Hong Kong is just too small.


Talking about innovations and web2.0, I would like to introduce readers to a new Hong Kong web 2.0 website.

LifesterBlog (http://hk.lifesterblog.com) is a personal blogging and social networking site. Users can share posts, photos, videos, music and books. In addition, they can design layouts of their blogs, connect with friends, and control privacy settings.

comparing a country to a region is silly

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