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May 07, 2007



"As a result lots of young people in China know nothing about the Tiananmen massacre or Tibet and host of other issues deemed forbidden topics."

Actually, that ignorance isn't because of censorship. Take Malaysia for example. A lot of our young people in Malaysia do not know much about the May 13th incident in 1969. May 13 is by far the most chaotic day since our indepedence. Most youngsters only know that something happened - or that Malays were fighting the Chinese on that day. They know very little else, the events that led to it, the key players involved etc. etc..

Yet, internet in Malaysia is not censored and the youngsters can read all about May 13 if they wish to. But they don't bother. World of Warcraft is more interesting.

I am only figuring that those are probably the same reasons for why there is little interest in 1989 Tiananmen incident and not censorship. For they can learn about Tiananmen incident in 1989 from their parents or siblings if they really wanted to.

I am sure the response is the same if you ask a young Korean what he knows about the Gwangju Massacre. Or an American youngster on what happened during the Bonus march massacre or Kent state massacre.

Also, do you know the greatest American killer is the surprising heart disease? Yep. Heart disease kills nearly 1 million American a year, more than any other protests or political wars combined. Yet, many American youngs do not realize that heart disease is America's greatest murderer.

(Time for some sarcasm)
First of all, Tibet shouldn't be so high on the agenda. I believe it should be instead Mongolia. A lot of youngsters today do not realize that Mongolia is actually part of China and that it was the CPC who gave that land away.

Secondly, as a native of Fujian, I want to tell the world our story about how the Han Chinese occupied us. My ancestors were not Han Chinese. We were all Tang Chinese. Just ask any Fujian Chinese in South East Asia and they will tell you they are Tang Chinese. Yet, today, you can see that a lot of people living in Fujian today are now Han Chinese. The Han Chinese have moved into Fujian and displaced all the Tang Chinese from Fujian. Tang Chinese no longer have any foothold on Fujian.

As a Tang Chinese I ask the world to help us fight off the Han Chinese form conquering our homeland. Please help us! The number of Tang Chinese in the world is fast dwindling!

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