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June 13, 2007



"the PRC state secrets system and shows how it allows and even promotes human rights violations by undermining the rights to freedom of expression and information"

This must be a relatively modern phenomena. I remember back in the good days of the Cultural Revolution, freedom of expression was everywhere in China. People were encouraged to criticize authorities. Even students were criticizing and disagreeing with teachers. Even godly figures (like Buddhas) were mocked and criticized.

We need to understand how China digress from having so much freedom of expression during the days of the cultural revolution to today where there is so little. During the cultural revolution, we criticized the government all the time, even dragged local Communist party officials to be publicly humiliated when they have committed crimes. Today we are afraid.

While we criticize the state of freedom of expression in China today, we must be fair and give credit to the state of freedom of expression during the cultural revolution.

Rebecca MacKinnon

MF you must be on some really great drugs or something.

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