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July 13, 2007



Great commentary, thanks. As a long time Flickr user, and close watcher of this latest debacle, the blowback is certainly bigger than I think the staff there would like, and that is mostly down to the way this whole matter has been handled by them. Communication has been so poor, that in an age where transparency is king, things are being said to the effect that Flickr is certainly no longer cool. How much effect that will have on the bottom line it's too early to tell, but it will be significant.


I have no problems if the authority wants to prosecute Oiwan.

Indecency must be wiped out!

That the Hong Kong authority is taking action against Oiwan proves that Hong Kong is a clean society now. I know now, even though I have not been to hong kong for a long time that when I walk on the streets of Hong Kong, I will never be approached by any hookers or prostitute. Gone are those days.

I know now too, based on the diligence of the authorities that they are prosecuting Oiwan that they must have had all the bad guys, the drug dealers, the triads all behind bars.

For if the triads and the drug dealers, the hookers and the prostitute are still roaming the streets of Hong Kong, the authorities would never have the time to capture Oiwan. They would be too busy going after those big fish.

p/s Its so contradictory and ironic that all these Asian governments are preaching "Asian values" but one walk down the busiest street in these capitals and a single man gets approached left and right by pimps.


"I know now too, based on the diligence of the authorities that they are prosecuting Oiwan that they must have had all the bad guys, the drug dealers, the triads all behind bars."

Really? I know for a fact that the bad guys (the Triads and drug dealers) are operating quite freely in Hong Kong, thank you. The prostitution business is also running smoothly on al eight cylinders, and there's plenty more, too.

Oiwan Lam's problems are not in any way connected to the gross corruption and abuse of the Law that takes place in Hong Kong: She is being harrassed simply because she dared take a stand against what she sees as repressive behaviour. People like her should be praised for having the courage to stand up and be counted, for the benefit of the wider community.



The government will say that different society have different values, and that "Asians are a conservative society". That would be how they justify censorship of pornography.

But if "Asians are a conservative society" and the government sees to it that indecency laws are enforced, why are they allowing prostitution to pop up at every major street corner and in the yellow pages?

Wait...is it that they have no idea that things like these are happening behind "massage parlours" or "night clubs" or "escorts services"?

The law enforcement officers should be spending more time fighting indecency in the real world instead of the internet world. They are putting their priorities in the wrong places.

If I can walk down the streets of a capital of an Asian country and be approached openly by prostitutes, then I would say that this particular country can no longer claim that their society is "conservative". They should not waste time going after internet revolutionaries.

They should first fight crime in the real world.


thanks for writing this up.

yeah, indeed a conviction is a rather serious matter. not only visa but also future job (if i were to work in any well-establish com, gov and semi-gov org. education and social service sectors, etc. as i need to declare whether i have criminal record.)

asian value is a newly invented thing, in fact our society is more and more conservative than before. chinese culture has never been repressive about sex, many classics mentioned about sexual behaviour that would cause "erotic effect" -- defined by OAT as indecent.

our streets have indeed become more and more clean, because there are less and less street and when new buildings are built, they are linked up by shopping malls which are privated space guarded by security staffs. more and more streets are empty or car only. public space is disappearing.


If Tsang can go to jail and then end up working for the Cabinet, then you, too, will be able to work there one day! :)

What I want to know is how does this attention affect your bank account?

I asked you this before in an email and you never responded, Oiwan.


"in fact our society is more and more conservative than before."

That's true, Oiwan. The only way to stop it is for people like you who are willing to make sacrifices to stand up and be counted.

Freedom/democracy/human rights are never won without a fight. For too long HK activists have been playing it safe. Civil disobedience is the only way to obtain justice and stem the increasing influence of Beijing's repressive agenda.

Keep it up...others are being inspired by your courage, not only domestically, but internationally, too.


Interesting that some blogs have cropped the photo to hide the breasts, and others have not.


"Civil disobedience is the only way to obtain justice and stem the increasing influence of Beijing's repressive agenda."

Let's not forget that Hong Kong should technically be returned back to GuangZhou instead of being an SAR.

It is possible that a few years from now, GuangZhou patriots would demand Hong Kong be returned to their province and Hong Kong's status as a SAR would then be in jeopardy.

Then, you will need Beijing support.

(Picking a page straight out of international politics and Western colonism technique. To prevent political disobedience a common technique employed is to create rifts between the ethnic races or the neigbouring nations. Then the big guy steps in and become the mediator securing his elevated position. In order to curb civil disobedience in Hong Kong, the Beijing government should create a rift between GuangZhou and Hong Kong and thus ensuring that Beijing plays the role of the mediator)

Charles Liu

R, you don't think your "not work safe" warnings is a bit ironic?

The fact is even you recognize there are some sort of line in the sand. Just how free should it be? Should Yahoo's web archive service be free to archive (and dish out) child pron?

That's how free we have it in American.

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