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July 13, 2007



as i have explained in Rebecca's update comment, so of my friends have registered in the OAT, however, there are different ways in participating and maintaining the community value. The line has been rather clear before, it is the TELA's practice that messed up the line. Cases like the most popular film "autumn story" and the recent Greek mythology book cover warnings are indicators for the TELA's abuse of censorship. Even without handing the case to the OAT, "advice" and "warning" can already kill the freedom of speech. The are still 16 books in the book fair being "advised" by the TELA and cannot be displaced in the book fair. The TELA still refused to disclose the "titles" of these books to the reporters.

Private Beach

I've only just come across this post, and can't find the outcome of the case through a web search (all the sites turned up seem to be pre-trial accounts of the case). But as I posted in my own blog back in May (see http://ourprivatebeach.blogspot.com/2007/05/real-life-crime-here-on-your-screen.html), I think there is a fundamental difference between posting a picture and posting a link to a picture. The decision in the original Woo case finding a hyperlink to be an indecent article was, I believe, bad in law. A signpost pointing to a thing is not the thing itself.

If Woo had got himself a competent lawyer and pleaded not guilty, Oiwan would probably never have been motivated to post her own piece that got her into trouble.

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