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July 15, 2007


patrick yen

In regards to Facebook..

Here is Foucault's 1975 essay on Panopticism:


Given Mr. Zuckerberg's history of privacy invasion and the trouble that he got into in college for hacking and exposing people's private information, Facebook would be the last place I'd feel secure with my information.


Love that Foucault.

I can't think of what's on Facebook that I don't want other people to know.

Rebecca MacKinnon

I tell my students that if their life would be ruined by having their government, parents, teachers, or future employers gain access to a particular piece of information or image, don't put it online anywhere. Not on Facebook, not in an e-mail, or anywhere. Unless it's so important the risk is worth it. People are too trusting of their technology and have unrealistic expectations of privacy that never has and never will exist on the web. I'm afraid. I am all for the strongest privacy protection laws and corporate practices possible - and advocate for them actively. But abuse will always happen as long as humans are humans.

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