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July 21, 2007



somebody ought to play a practical joke on tela.

here's an idea.

find a girlish man with female looking boobs. take his pics and post them all over the internet. tela will think that they are obscene.

get into a long legal battle with them and at the very end of the trial, expose that the photo that tela found offensive is actually that of a man.

if people in HK think tela is behind times, just wait till you come to Malaysia and meet JAWI. even kissing scenes are censored and females exposing their arms get in trouble. i better stop here because i cannot elobarate any more because of the internal security act (a law first created by western colonial powers), i might go to jail if I say anything more that is deemed anti-government.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Ironically TELA and OAT are also legacies of the Brits. Tsk tsk... :)

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